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Nicky Tzimas - nurse

Owner and founder of Island Glow Aesthetics, Nicky has been caring for people’s skin and overall wellbeing for over 25 years. An early advocate for safe and ethical practice in the cosmetic industry, as well as an educator and trainer, Nicky is at the forefront of cosmetic injectables education and evidenced-based practice, where she continually lifts the standard for non-surgical cosmetic solutions and injectables. Nicky brings to the clinic cross-industry expertise and a global perspective in the artistry and safety of facial aesthetics. “It is about understanding the individuality of each patient and empowering them through holistic care”.

Dr Chau Nguyen - Prescribing Doctor

Dr Nguyen was born and raised in Melbourne and graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2009 (WA). She also completed a Post Graduate diploma in Surgical anatomy (Melbourne University) and is a Fellow in Radiology. Her background and detailed anatomy knowledge enables Island Glow Aesthetics to produce safe and reliable outcomes when you visit us.

Sarah - Nurse

A Monash Uni graduate Perioperative Registered Nurse and a graduate from CPD institute of Australia. Passionate about improving and validating patient’s self-perception and psychological health and enhance client’s natural beauty by providing facial aesthetic treatments. She strives to ensure all of her clients’ treatment plans are personalised and consistently demonstrate high professional standards. She is committed to deliver optimal patient care in a safe and comfortable environment.

Marissa L - Nurse

Is a Registered Nurse who graduated from La Trobe University. Since graduating, Marissa has gained a wide variety of experience in the acute care setting prior to deciding to explore cosmetic injecting. Since completing her cosmetic injectables training with The CPD Institute, Marissa has found her passion in the cosmetic industry treating clients as well as teaching other medical professionals who desire to enter this expanding industry. Her caring and enthusiastic approach enables her to provide holistic treatment plans so that clients are well informed of how to achieve the best possible outcome. Marissa views Cosmetic Injectables as an art form. Every face has something unique about it that makes a person beautiful. “With muscle relaxants and dermal fillers, we have the power to manipulate how a person can interpret your emotions and sculpt the shape of the face achieving results that were once only thought possible with a face lift”.

Zoe - Nurse

A Nurse who trained with CPD Institute of Australia. Zoe strives to achieve a conservatively refreshed look for her clients, with a combination of ‘fast-acting’ treatments alongside ‘slow-release results’ using a suite of gold standard treatments in anti-aging. Zoe specializes in anti-wrinkle and facial harmonising treatments. She believes in old-world simplicity & luxury, and enjoys curating cosmetic enhancements tailored to each of her clients. “As we tailor a client’s treatment plan, I believe it is crucial to educate and inform that client as we go through the decision-making process together”.

Jun - Nurse

As a Registered Nurse with over 13+ years’ experience (in both China and Australia), Jun is here to provide you with exceptional service for all your aesthetic skin needs at Island Glow Aesthetics. Jun has a nursing background including a Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Public Health, and also a Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing at CPD institute of Australia. Her reputation in the industry, passion for holistic care, plus precise aesthetic practice, has made her highly sort after, and an integral part of the Island Glow Aesthetics’ experience.

Maddy - Nurse

Maddy is a Registered Nurse specialising in Cosmetic Injectables, bespoke skin care management, and providing the best possible experience for every Island Glow Aesthetics client. Completing her Cosmetic Nursing training at CPD Institute, Maddy has a caring nature with a passion to treat our clients holistically. Maddy views Cosmetic Injectables as an ‘art form’. “I love to focus on an individual’s unique beauty and highlight their favourite areas and features using dermal fillers, Anti-wrinkle, and skin treatments. I aim to provide long-term treatment options to achieve long-term stunning goals for all Island Glow Aesthetics’ clients!”.

Beth - Nurse

Beth has over 16 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse.  She has worked in acute care settings, including neonatal ICU and SCN, where she gained a post graduate qualification.
Beth has also worked in various community nursing roles and acquired her qualification as an accredited nurse immuniser with La Trobe University.  
It has been a long-term professional goal to expand her nursing practice into the exciting realm of cosmetic nursing.  Having completed her Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing with CPD Institute of Australia, Beth is delighted to join the Island Glow Aesthetics team.  Her desire is to help patients/clients restore a happy and healthy confidence within themselves, through achieving their skincare needs and aesthetic goals.

Iveta - Nurse

An Endorsed Enrolled Nurse with a career spanning 17 years. Having aspirations to pursue a career in aesthetics, Iveta completed her course in Cosmetic Injectables at CPD Institute Australia in 2017.

With a holistic approach to treating, Iveta uses her many years of experience to educate and promote client safety and satisfactory treatment outcomes.   

“I enjoy making my clients feel special, their smiles will always bring happiness to my soul.”

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