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IPL Hair Removal

FROM $50 – $500

Don’t spend another minute worrying about shaving, waxing or painful laser treatments. IPL hair removal is the new and improved method of permanent hair removal. A cost-effective treatment, IPL Hair removal will permanently remove unwanted body hair, facial fluff and that stubborn hair down there. If you’ve been thinking about investing in permanent hair removal that actually works, ask us about getting started with our innovative IPL technology. 

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL hair removal is a revolutionary and relatively pain-free technology that permanently uses intense pulsed light to remove unwanted body and facial hair. Our state of the art IPL instruments uses broad-spectrum light wavelengths to target and safely heat the hair follicles, slowing the cells responsible for hair growth.

While IPL technology will permanently remove hair, there are other additional benefits: 

● Unlike other treatments that only remove dark hairs, IPL can remove light, fair and white hairs due to the broad spectrum of light wavelengths used 

● Reduce ingrown hairs 

● Skin rejuvenation, improving the appearance of unwanted skin conditions such as rosacea, pigmentation and acne scarring 

● Cost-effective (lower price than waxing in the long term and laser treatments) ● Improve skin texture, resulting in smoother, softer skin 

● Safe and up to date technology 

● Time effective, each session is quick and easy 

● Little to no side effects

Both are effective methods to remove hair permanently; however, the best option will depend on your skin type and hair colour. IPL can be more cost-effective, safer and less painful than laser treatments, with the added benefit of treating fairer hair colour as well as dark hairs. Unlike Laser treatments, IPL devices use broad-spectrum light wavelengths to heat the hair follicle instead of lasers, making it less painful with fewer side effects and recovery time.

Successful hair removal requires sessions to align with the hair growth cycle. That is typically a session every 4-6 weeks, allowing the hair growth to begin again, targeting new follicles in the next session. You mustn’t pluck or wax the hair in between sessions as this can stimulate the hair follicle, which we are trying to suppress. 

How much does IPL Hair Removal Cost?

IPL hair removal cost will depend on your desired body part; a small section of the face, such as the chin, will be around $50 per session, whereas a more extensive body, such as a whole leg, will be closer to $400 per session. The number of sessions will depend on the skin type and hair colour; however, typically, you will require 8-10 sessions for long-term results. 

For an accurate estimate of how much IPL hair removal will cost you, contact one of our friendly team for a quote or book your first consultation here.

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