What is Mesotherapy? Mesotherapy is a form of skin therapy that focuses on rejuvenating, tightening, and providing a youthful appearance. It’s no surprise that this non-invasive procedure is becoming more commonplace. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Katy Perry give mesotherapy its claim to fame. Keep reading because this blog will give you all the information you need to start your own mesotherapy journey!

How does Mesotherapy Work?

So, how does mesotherapy work? A mesotherapy skin rejuvenation treatment involves injections of vitamins, hormones, medications and reagents. Specifically,hyaluronic acid (HA) and H2O, plus a bio revitalisation solution of cells and nutrients. These components are mixed to create the perfect formula. This formula is then injected under the top layer of the skin. This is done either by hand or using a mesotherapy machine that penetrates the mesodermal layer of the skin.  It’s usually applied around the face but can be used wherever required. This is a much safer alternative to traditional cosmetic procedures that can sometimes leave you looking worse for wear. 

Benefits of Mesotherapy

So, now we know how it works, you must be wondering…What are the benefits of mesotherapy? Studies show mesotherapy has a wide range of benefits that work inside your body and for your appearance. 

Some of these benefits include:

  • Stimulating natural collagen production 
  • Repairing damaged skin 
  • Generating new elasticity 
  • Lightening unnatural skin pigmentation 
  • Reducing lines and wrinkles associated with aging
  • Promoting human fibroblast viability
  • Enhancing blood circulation 
  • Removing pockets of fat in and around the face 
  • Rehydrating dry, dehydrated skin 
  • Rejuvenating dead cells/follicles caused by alopecia

All of these benefits can usually be seen within a few weeks of your first treatment. 

Who Can Perform Mesotherapy? 

Who can perform mesotherapy? Although mesotherapy is quite a simple procedure, it must be performed by a trained professional in a sterilised environment. When it comes to medical procedures, no matter how big or small, they must be performed by a reputable specialist. This is to ensure your safety during and after the treatment is completed. This professional could be a qualified dermatologist, esthetician, cosmetic doctor, or plastic surgeon.

Are Mesotherapy and Microneedling the Same?

Is mesotherapy the same as micro-needling? Although they’re in the same vein of procedures, mesotherapy and micro-needling are two distinctly different treatments. Microneeding is used to generate small micro dermal abrasions, whereas mesotherapy uses injectable solutions to generate natural cell rejuvenation. 

Can Mesotherapy Hurt?

Does Mesotherapy hurt? Most patients usually experience some form of brief discomfort during the procedure. In some cases, there may be some swelling or irritation around the injection points. However, it usually subsides within 24 hours. Mesotherapy is considered minimally invasive, meaning there’s no need for local anesthetics. It also doesn’t take excessive downtime to recover; patients can usually go about their day within a few hours after receiving the procedure.  

Is Mesotherapy Safe?

As previously stated, mesotherapy is a mild-risk treatment. As long as you’re getting this procedure from a trained, qualified professional in a sterile environment, there is minimal risk of infection or disease. Long-term mesotherapy is still a safer option when compared to traditional fillers and botox. Nutrients and minerals are being injected, not harmful chemicals.

When do you wash your face after Mesotherapy?

Like any treatment, it’s important to know about aftercare, like when to wash your face after mesotherapy. Do not wet the treated area, wash or take a shower for at least eight hours after treatment. Hot baths cannot be taken for 48 hours after the treatment. During the first week following the initial 48-hour period, baths may be taken. However, it’s recommended for no more than 15 minutes at a time.

Can you wear Makeup after Mesotherapy?

It’s recommended not to wear any face products for 48 hours after treatment. After the initial 48-hour window, use only a light mineral foundation. This allows the skin to heal appropriately without any risk of infection. 

Is Mesotherapy safe during pregnancy?

Is mesotherapy safe during pregnancy? No. Despite this being a safe procedure for adults, there is not enough information on the effects of mesotherapy on unborn children. This procedure should not be done during pregnancy. However, mesotherapy can help with post-partum skincare. 

Can you do Mesotherapy after Botox?  

Botox and mesotherapy can be combined to create a youthful appearance. However, it’s recommended that there’s at least one week between the treatments to allow your skin to heal. Consult with your cosmetic specialist before commencing secondary treatment.    

Does Mesotherapy Improve Skin?

Does Mesotherapy improve skin? As previously stated, Mesotherapy has been clinically proven to improve skin elasticity. Continual mesotherapy treatment can leave you looking younger while your skin becomes more rejuvenated. Unlike botox, which paralyses the muscles, mesotherapy invigorates natural vitamin production, healing and refreshing aged or damaged skin. 

Can you do Mesotherapy for the face?

Mesotherapy is commonly used in or around the facial region. This includes the neck, chin, forehead and underneath the eyes. The formula injected rejuvenates and sculpts your skin and eliminates excess fat. It is completely safe and encouraged for mesotherapy to be used on the face.

Can you do Mesotherapy for hair?

So we’ve heard all about mesotherapy for the face and skin. Now, it’s time to learn about mesotherapy for hair. What is mesotherapy for hair? Well, it’s just like mesotherapy for the skin. There’s a surface insertion of solution into the scalp, stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss. Mesotherapy is proven to be an effective threat for pattern hair loss for both men and women.

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